Last Friday, The Map Room turned three years old. I’m not making much of a fuss this year (compared to last year, when I simultaneously launched a reader survey and a webhosting-bill fundraising drive, and posted an essay in honour of the event); I’ve been a little busy and a lot under the weather (the usual reason: a seasonal flareup of my ankylosing spondylitis) — and besides, I think it’s a bit unseemly to make a big pitch for funds when the site is well-covered with advertising. (Still, hosting donations and text ads are never unappreciated. There. Done.)

At some point, though, when I’ve got a moment, I’ll probably do another reader survey to see if things have changed much in the past year. And I’ve been mulling over an essay about the state of the mapping blogosphere. If my posting history is any indication, though, I shouldn’t promise either by any fixed date.