Chinese Map Controversy: Liu Gang’s Press Conference

We’ve got coverage of Liu Gang’s press conference regarding his so-called “1418 Map”: BeijingLives has a copy of Liu’s written remarks, wherein he takes on the criticisms point-by-point. Liu: “After going through the ‘holes’ one by one, we should see where the ‘holes’ really are. It turns out that the ‘holes’ referred to by those historians and professors are actually all in their knowledge rather than in the map.” I’ll be very interested to see what the map’s critics, like Geoff Wade, make of this. The comments are open, folks.

See previous entries: Chinese Map Media Briefing; A Look Back at the Chinese Map Controversy.

Update: Geoff Wade’s equally point-by-point response on MapHist. Key graf: “I remain convinced that this ‘1763/1418’ map is a 21st-century fake. It was certainly produced by someone educated in simplified characters (meaning under the PRC in the last 50 years) and the purpose of the map is to support the Menzies thesis (and so it was produced within the last four years).”

Update, 3/25: Geoff Wade’s response can also be found here.