Oxford Atlas of the World

Two Gadling bloggers are dead keen on Oxford’s Atlas of the World, Deluxe Edition; see Erik’s post and Kelly’s earlier post. I had thought that the gold-standard atlas was the Times Comprehensive (at least that appeared to be the consensus on Ask MetaFilter). Also, during the holidays a number of you bought expensive atlases through the Amazon links on this site (thanks muchly), and the most popular one by far was the Times. Personally I haven’t been able to take a look at either atlas yet; I haven’t been in a map store for a while (for shame, but also for my own financial safety) to browse through one, and I don’t at present have the funds to spring for either or both. (I know, what kind of hobbyist am I if I’m unwilling to spend money I don’t have?) Still, the enthusiasm out there is contagious, and I’m bound to succumb sooner or later.

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