Link Roundup for January 21

A clickable map of Tlingit tribes, clans and clan houses in the Pacific Northwest. Via Plep.

MapPoint B2B on the future of MSN Maps and Directions, viz., none: “The time has come to say good-bye to MSN Maps and Directions and say hello to Windows Live Local. The product team has decided that in order for everyone to appreciate Windows Live Local, users need to stop using MSN Maps and Directions and be force fed WLL in order to love it … And they will!” Cheeky. Via All Points Blog.

They’re there, they’re gone, they’re back again — or did they never leave? SearchEngineWatch reports still seeing blue pins in Google Local, and there’s a report of paid listings in Google Earth as well, which Google confirms is part of their limited testing. Via All Points Blog; cf. Ogle Earth. Meanwhile, the Virtual Earth blog points out that you can see billboards in their oblique imagery — fine for the ads-seen-from-the-air meme, not so good for the Big-Brother-is-watching meme; see previous link roundup.

The St. Petersburg Times has a review of The Map Book (see previous entry).