Link Roundup for January 14

Ben Keene, the editor of Oxford University Press’s atlas program (see previous entry), looks at the changes in geography he had to deal with in 2005 (via World Hum).

MapQuest has inadvertently left Edmonton off a map of Canadian cities — it’s the capital of Alberta, for those who don’t know — and some Edmontonians are spitting about it, or at least the Edmonton Journal is. This can be a touchy subject in Canada; see previous entries: PureCanada Map Errors, Off the Map, Out of Mind and Pure Canada Update; Regional Reactions.

For Bill Bumgarner, Google Earth’s mapping features are amazing but he’s disappointed with the user interface on the Mac version (via Daring Fireball).

PlaceMap’s list of five books to change the world (or at least how we draw it) has been getting some attention; it looks like the PlaceMap Project itself (blog, about) should get some attention too: there’s an ongoing workshop on spatial application design.

Noel Jenkins’s Digital Geography, which looks at technology in the British geography curriculum, is a successor to (but does not wholly replace) Juicy Geography.