Link Roundup for January 12

As an experiment, a lot of new links at once:

A new Google Earth blog with a rather unwieldy title: Using Google Earth for Earth Science and Remote Sensing (via Ogle Earth).

The Prejudice Map is built by querying Google with phrases like “Germans are known for” and pasting up the results (via Jason).

Many people say they’re heartily sick of talking about map thefts and the Forbes Smiley case, but not everyone. Tony Campbell noted this week that Smiley was supposed to be in court this week, but neither he nor I have yet seen any media reports about it. Meanwhile, MAGERT will be discussing library security at its meeting (schedule) at the ALA midwinter conference in San Antonio (via MAPS-L).

Also via MAPS-L (and thanks to Angie): China has published a new atlas showing definite boundaries of administrative divisions; apparently there had been no consensus on where the borders between districts were, resulting in much squabbling.

The Register makes a point of having fun at Microsoft’s expense with mapping errors; the latest involves a hotel that MapPoint locates in the middle of the English channel. See also Cartography; see previous entry: Where Do You Want to Go Today?