Google Earth for Mac Officially Released

A busy day for Mac users, and not just because of the Macworld keynote. Google Earth for the Mac is now officially available (via GPS Review). Key system requirements: OS X 10.4 (Tiger), a 400-MHz processor, and 16 MB of video RAM, minimum — essentially, even a G3 iBook from mid-2002 should be able to handle it — but they recommend more than 1.5 GHz, 32 megs of video and a fairly speedy broadband connection. I’ve been restraining myself from acquiring the leaked beta, but I’m going to download it now. Excuse me for a bit.

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Update, 4:02 PM: Google Blog announcement; also note that the PC version is now officially out of beta (a major event in Google terms, I think); also, you can’t upgrade to Google Earth Plus in the Mac version.

Update, 7:23 PM: Stefan’s usage notes for the official Google Earth release.