Early Reviews of Google Earth for OS X

Frank Bisono and Jaron Brass have managed to take a look at the Google Earth OS X preview that seems to be making the rounds; both have dual or quad G5 Power Macs, so naturally they report good performance. Commenters on the TUAW post have (a) posted a link to the download and (b) reported that it runs on 1-GHz-G4 class hardware (“Works fine for me, though the age of my system is showing.”), which was something I was wondering about. Via Ogle Earth. (Ironically, Stefan said he’d be reducing his posting frequency unless some major news — such as Google Earth for OS X — presented itself. Be careful what you wish for.)

See previous entry: Google Earth for OS X Being Developed: AppleInsider.

Update, 10:45 PM: Stefan’s notes after playing with it: “First impression: It works very well for a prerelease and it’s as impressive as when I saw Google Earth on the PC for the first time.”