Exhibition Roundup: Cartography of Globalization, Quivira Collection

At the Toronto Free Gallery until December 17, “Here Be Dragons: The Cartography of Globalization,” an exhibition of “counter-cartography”. From the gallery’s flash-based web site: “Recently, activists, artists and researchers have used the form of the map to visually represent the distribution of power, the circulation of information, and the organization of control in the age of capitalist globalization. These critical cartographers make visible the vast network of national governments, transnational corporations, and international institutions, which channel massive flows of people, labour, interests, dollars, and meaning.” Via Cartography. Update, 3:30 PM: A review of the exhibit on Cartography.

The Quivira Collection of Pacific Coast maps (see previous entry) appears to be on tour; it’s at the Arthur Ross Gallery at the University of Pennsylvania until January 9. Details here and from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Thanks to Glenn for the tip.