Seven More Mapping Blogs

More mapping, cartography and geospatial blogs to go up on the sidebar:

  • Darren Cope’s Blog — Darren’s a recent geography grad from the University of Waterloo. (Oddly enough, Mike from Google Maps Mania is from Waterloo, and I did my MA there, though in history. Small world.)
  • Earth Mapping Blog, the company blog for GlobeXplorer, by Rob Shanks (via Spatially Adjusted).
  • Via the comments, Martin Kyle’s Geopinion — another Canadian.
  • Geo-Web is Ron Lake’s blog about GML (via Import Cartography).
  • Great Map looks like a linkblog. (Update, 5:15 PM: Explained better: “This site is more about ‘Non-Geo’ Graphical Information Systems, with a particular focus on Mapping Knowledge Domains. I’m interested in creating visualizations of ‘ideas’ that do not necessarily have a geo basis to them.”)
  • is Howard Butler’s geospatial blog; it features podcast interviews with several people in the field. I’ve linked to this site before, but not sui generis.
  • If you read French, there’s Le petit blog cartographique, also via the comments.

Between the two blogs mentioned here, Google Maps Mania, myself, Cartography — and, for that matter, Tyler Mitchell — there is a disproportionate number of Canadians out there blogging on cartographic and geographic subjects, don’t you think? (The usual saying about Canada — too much geography and too little history — may apply here.)

More blogs soon.