Ten More Mapping Blogs

I posted links to a lot of new blogs next month, but Cartography’s roundup of cartography and related blogs last week brought a grand total of seven more blogs to my attention.

Plus, I was already aware of Ed Parsons’s blog — he’s the CTO of the Ordnance Survey — and of Sean Gillies’s Import Cartography, which deals with cartography and programming. But I hadn’t mentioned them before, and haven’t added them to my blogroll. I’ll fix that now.

The seven blogs that are new to me:

  • All Things Geography, by a pseudonymous GIS pro in California;
  • blog.kart.no, which I can’t say much about because it’s in Norwegian, but it seems to cover a number of subjects;
  • Brian Flood’s blog, another programming and GIS blog;
  • Digital Earth is ostensibly a product blog, but has some other content as well — lately, a multipart wish list for Google Earth, for example;
  • GIS Matters, David Maguire’s blog, with a strong ESRI focus;
  • Glenn’s GISuser Weblog, a somewhat infrequent blog by the editor of GISuser; and
  • Very Spatial, from geography Ph.D. students Sue and Jesse, supports their podcast — A Very Spatial Podcast. Yes, there’s a geography podcast. I’m going to have to have a listen.

That makes nine so far. The tenth comes via Ogle Earth, and it’s a very new German-language blog about Google Earth (at least I think that’s what it is — my German has atrophied considerably) called TerraGoo.

It’s gratifying to see so many mapping blogs out there, because two years ago, when I started The Map Room, there weren’t nearly as many — I don’t think it was just that I wasn’t aware of them. It looks like the GIS profession has moved to blogging in a significant way recently: I notice that of all the mapping blogs I’m tracking, most are on the professional and technical side of things. (Antique and historical maps are still the bailiwick of mailing lists, from what I can tell.)

Anyway, a lot of you have been linking to me in your blogrolls, which means that you’re aware of me before I’m aware of you; if you’ve got a mapping blog, send me a note to tell me about it. I’d be happy to mention it.