More Map Podcasts

I mentioned the Very Spatial Podcast a few entries back. A couple of other GIS- or cartography-themed audio programs have turned up since then. (These two audio programs have been referred to as podcasts, but that’s not strictly true unless they’re delivered via an RSS feed.)

First, Hobu has an interview with Spatially Adjusted’s James Fee; among other things, it’s a broad-ranging chat about the state of the GIS biz (via Import Cartography).

Next, ITConversations has the audio from David Rumsey’s wide-ranging presentation at the Where 2.0 conference last June (via Ed Parsons; see previous entries: Where 2.0, Summing Up Where 2.0).

Audio, and especially podcasting, is the hot thing online right now, so there will probably be more map-related audio content out there soon.