Coding the Google Maps API

About a month ago, our friend John Resig spent a week on Google Maps: “I’ve been working a number of contract jobs — all of which have centered around the usage of the Google Maps API, a powerful tool for programmers. As I’ve gone along, there have been a number of features that I’ve developed (or found) that I think other programmers would benefit from knowing.” What followed was a seven-part series demonstrating ways of implementing various enhancements on Google Maps: geocoding addresses and click-zoom, auto-scaling, advanced mouse control, clicking to add points, linking, animation, and mouse-wheel zooming. (Sorry for all the trackbacks, John.)

I’ll make note of this stuff — it may be useful for that far-off day when I clear my schedule enough (and work up the courage enough) to hack the Google Maps API myself. (Would that I were a programmer.)

More recently, Bill Pierce has written an ASP.NET server control for the Google Maps API to make it more accessible for .NET developers. The first two parts of a three-part series describing the control are available here and here.

Not that I understand much of this stuff; I mention it both for future reference and because many of you know more about this than I do.