Question: Smaller World Aeronautical Charts for a Wall?

Readers have written in asking about wall-sized maps before, but Joe Thompson is looking for something a lot more specific. Actually, in his case, the charts he wants are too big; he’s looking for a way to make them smaller:

NOAA and the FAA publish so-called World Aeronautical Charts (WAC) which make for a beautiful wall chart (especially for pilots, since they include airport and airspace information, as well as topography and geo-political). But when combined, they are too big for my wall. I would love to find a source to buy high quality scans, that I could digitally stitch together, and then print, or have printed at half size.
I’ve searched, but can’t find an obvious source, either for a mapping service or just for the scans. Any ideas?

Presumably he’d be just as happy if he could find WACs at a smaller size without having to go through the digital rigmarole he envisions. Any tips?

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