Hurricane Katrina: The Aftermath

(Many updates) Watch Hurricane Katrina’s path via satellite imagery or radar; both are NOAA pages and both require Java. Via Paulo.

Kathryn Cramer has been collecting aerial images of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, along with some screenshots from Google Earth. Speaking of which, over on Boing Boing, a call for a collaborative effort to use Google Earth overlays to illustrate the damage. (Update: Google Earth overlays here and here.)

Meanwhile, on GeoCarta, Roger takes a timely look at the issue of FEMA’s flood hazard maps, which are apparently in the process of being modernized.

See previous entry: Hurricane Katrina.

Update, 8/31 at 9:20 AM: Satellite imagery of the flooding — what Morgan was looking for — is now available from NASA: Floods along the Gulf Coast, in several resolution sizes, and Flooding in New Orleans (via Cartography). More will probably come from other sources.

Update, 11:30 AM: See All Points Blog’s GIS, Maps and Katrina in the News.

Update, 1:25 PM: Landsat image of the aftermath around New Orleans (via Boing Boing).

Update, 6:05 PM: ESRI’s Hurricane Maps and Help page tries to mobilize the GIS community and provide data in crises (via All Points Blog and Spatially Adjusted). And, per Gale’s comment below, Hurricane Katrina Images from NOAA.