Hurricane Katrina

(Many updates) I’ve been looking for maps and satellite imagery of Hurricane Katrina. So far, I’ve found this page from the National Hurricane Center and this page (a popup) from the NOAA Storm Tracker site, which has many of the same maps but adds satellite images. More links welcome.

Update, 8/29 at 6:48 AM: This page collects radar and satellite imagery from several sources; it may take a while to load on dialup (via Boing Boing).

Update, 8:40 AM: Via Google Maps Mania, the Central Florida Hurricane Center’s Google Maps mashup showing Hurricane Katrina’s path and a satellite overlay for Google Earth.

Update, 8:50 AM: Directions has a page of links to U.S. government map resources for Hurricane Katrina.

Update, 11:15 AM: From the LSU’s Center for the Study of Public Health Impacts of Hurricanes, the New Orleans Hurricane Impact Study Area page, which maps the flood risk to the city (via Making Light). This will probably address James’s question in the comments.

Update, 11:29 AM: The OSEI Image of the Day (via Kathryn Cramer).