Question: GPS and the Mac?

I’ve talked about using a GPS with a Mac before, and even — back when this blog’s audience was a fraction of what it is now — solicited my readers’ opinions on which GPS I, as a Mac user (or hadn’t you noticed?), should use: see Which GPS? and GPS Replies.

Sean Fulton asks something similar: “I’m doing a Masters in GIS and Remote Sensing and I’m also a Mac user (mostly). I want a GPS for work and play. What GPS device are you using? For what applications?”

I can’t help him, because, believe it or not, I still don’t have a GPS. But we’ve got a healthy minority of Mac users reading this blog; maybe you can offer some advice. And I think I’d be helped as much as Sean by your answers. Hardware recommendations particularly welcome. I’ve blogged about Mac GPS software before (see below); what I’m looking for is what you can personally recommend. Thanks!

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