Seoul and Beijing: The Best and the Worst

Mark Eadie eviscerates Beijing Public Transport’s web maps:

Nowhere, on this sorry excuse for an information system, do you get the smallest piece of information about bus routes or times. This has to be the most useless example of GPS and mapping technology ever put on line anywhere in the world. I urge you to go and have a look at this most wonderful piece of nothing.

I tried to look (here), but it wouldn’t load in Safari or Firefox. In creaky old IE 5.2 for Mac it loaded but looked terrible and didn’t work. Figures.

Conversely, he’s awfully impressed with the maps of Seoul, South Korea (city map; transit map):

The text stops at the Seoul city limits, but you can keep scrolling the map ENE towards Dorasan and Panmunjom. This is probably the only online mapping of North Korea you will find on the internet.

Via All Points Blog.