Mapufacture and worldKit

The O’Reilly Network has an article by Mikel Maron, the creator of Mapufacture and worldKit, that introduces us to what those two tools can do.

Mapufacture is a new service to browse, build, and share interactive web maps, on a global or local scale. It combines user-created geodata with freely available worldwide satellite and mapping imagery, and location databases. The visualization engine of mapufacture is worldKit, a Flash-based tool that builds maps from RSS feeds. In this article, I’ll introduce you to mapufacture, but first I’ll provide an overview of worldKit, whose visualization capabilities are on par with any GIS viewer.

It’s pretty technical, but it doesn’t appear to be any worse than the Google or Yahoo! APIs, at least to my untrained eyes, and it looks like you can do some neat things with them. Thanks to James Lin for the link.