Question: What-If Political Boundaries?

John Frum is on a mission to collect maps showing political boundaries that never existed — “what I for want of a better word call ‘what if’-maps,” he writes.

For example, the map of Europe drawn up by the Germans during World War I, which shows France divided between Germany and Italy. Or the map by C. Etzel Pearcy showing the 50 U.S. States reduced to a more “practicable” 38 States. Also into this category fall maps of irredentist claims, such as “greater Albania,” “greater Bulgaria,” etc. I find it very difficult to locate such maps.

We’ve covered C. Etzel Pearcy’s 38 States before; the other examples he gives, and others in that vein, comprise what would be a fascinating search effort. I get the impression that John is looking for physical maps rather than links, but let’s see what we can come up with either way.