Survey Response

Response to the reader survey (previous entry) has been tremendous, much more than I expected. Thanks for taking the time. I have the best readers.

If you haven’t done the survey yet, there’s still time — my plan is to keep it up for a week.

I’ve been having a peek at the results as they come in, and I’m already noticing a few trends. First, most of you are interested amateurs rather than professionals, which is useful to know.

Second, a lot of you are using RSS, more than I thought. (Mostly via My Yahoo!, too, which surprised me.) This means I should do more on the RSS front: for starters, I’ve added auto-subscribing links for various online aggregators on the left sidebar.

And third, while many of you found this site via Yahoo! — I sense a trend there — a lot of you found it through a link from another blog. It seems churlish of me not to have a blogroll, but until recently there haven’t been many map-focused blogs that lasted more than a month or two. Now, though, there are. So I’ve put one back up, again on the left sidebar.

These are just a couple of quick things I can do right away; more will come later, after I’ve had a chance to really go through the results and once I’ve had some time to think about what to do and how to do it. In the meantime, I’ve got some map entries to post.