A Site Update

I’ve redesigned the site a little bit — trying to make it a bit less cluttered. Hope it agrees with you. (For those of you who detest the colour scheme, I hope to have something for you shortly.)

The non-blog pages have been moved around a bit, but the old URLs are being forwarded. Notable changes:

  • A new page, Communities, lists map-related mailing lists, web pages and societies; the list was getting too big for the sidebar. Additions welcome.
  • Folksonomies is now Tags, and includes a feed from Flickr of photos tagged with mapping terms. More could be done with this page — once I figure out how.
  • Nothing on the Preferences page yet, but there will be soon.
  • The “Contact Me” link has been replaced with a form on a separate page. Use this form rather than the old e-mail address, which is getting clogged with spam.