A Google Maps Update

I’ve been saving up a bunch of Google Maps satellite imagery links for you over the weekend.

  • Google Maps and Accountability: Dave Shea explores the possibilities of using Google Maps as a tool for whistleblowing rather than a threat to privacy, by posting images of clear-cut logging areas in central British Columbia.
  • This mash-up of Google Maps and Craigslist takes Craigslist rental and real estate listings and plots them on a map using — you guessed it — Google Maps. Be advised that it blows up under Safari, but support is promised. Craigsmaps is a similar project that does it differently. Either way, it’s an excellent demonstration of what neat things can be done with location data. Via MetaFilter.
  • A new blog, Google Sightseeing, links to Google Maps images of famous landmarks. Obviously neat.
  • Scoble’s response to Google Maps: “Now, I’ve seen Microsoft’s future mapping strategy and I’ve been sworn to secrecy. Don’t count us out yet. After all, we have TerraServer and a few other things that work well on maps.” James Kew responds: “Well, OK, Terraserver. Microsoft got there first. But who cares? Google Maps is attractive not because it was first (there’s been mapping on the web for years) but because it’s the easiest to use.”

All for tonight. No doubt there’s more out there.