More on Comments

The details of my efforts to get comments working on this blog after the upgrade to Movable Type 3.15 are set out on my personal blog, if you’re truly interested. But insofar as how commenting will work from here on in, note the following:

  1. No authentication, TypeKey or otherwise, is required, though a name and e-mail address is. (Your name can be a pseudonym, and your e-mail will not be displayed.)
  2. Comments on new posts will not be held in a moderation queue. They’ll appear immediately.
  3. Comments on posts older than 10 days will be held in a moderation queue and require my approval before appearing. This is to thwart comment spammers, who frequently target older posts.
  4. Comments will be closed on posts older than 45 days. This is to thwart comment spammers completely.
  5. Various spam blocking measures are in place. False positives are certainly possible, though, I suspect, unlikely. Let me know if you’re trying to post a legitimate comment and the system isn’t letting it through.
  6. Throttling is in place: there are hourly and daily limits on all comments. Normal comment volumes are well below these limits. But in the event of a massive comment-spam attack that somehow gets through the blacklists, these quotas may be exceeded and you might not be able to post a comment. Try again in an hour if that happens.

If all goes well, there should be few to no impediments to participation on this site.