Guillermo Kuitca

An exhibition of the art of Guillermo Kuitca at Hauser & Wirth, London:

The main gallery space features Everything, 2004, an impressive four-panel painting which interpolates fragments of American road maps. The enigmatic veined surface invites the viewer for closer inspection where one can identify the names of locations; painstakingly woven in parts. Devoid of any beginning, end, or coordinates, places dissolve within some larger unknown entity of no geographical order. Maps are one of Kuitca’s leitmotifs and have played an extensive role in his work. The graphic configurations function as his reading of tensions between one’s assignment of place and belonging, of home, but on the idea of the “place” being Universal. Here, the viewer traces an imaginary journey, which goes, and returns, to nowhere. A sense of search and self-scrutiny on the weathered surface suggests loss and dislocation.

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