A Post-Invasion Map of Baghdad

Swissinfo has a story about a Swiss cartographer who’s put out a post-occupation, up-to-date map of Baghdad. The map is an update of a 2002 edition, but now includes such landmarks as bombed-out infrastructure and other changes since the invasion.

“Our strength consists of mentioning particularities and offering insider tips that have not been published anywhere else.”
Rohweder, who has never been to Baghdad, based the latest version on his 2002 edition and on satellite photos and images. But he needed a co-worker on site to do the fieldwork.
Martin Herzog, his business partner who is married to an Iraqi, spent about three months in the city collecting information on street names and buildings to update the map, which covers central Baghdad.

The cartographer’s company site is here; the site uses frames, but the Baghdad page, sans frames, is here.