Broken Links

I’ve gotten a couple of requests to fix links in older posts. I should say something, for future reference, about what my informal policy is on this subject. Which is, in a nutshell, that I don’t plan to repair dead links. Unless the link goes dead almost immediately, or I typed it incorrectly in the first place, I won’t fix it. You may safely assume that the link worked when I posted it, but that there are no guarantees that it will continue to do so forever.

People change their sites all the time, and links expire, especially news links. If a major mapping site changes its URL, that’s newsworthy enough to post a follow-up. But if a page goes dark with no forwarding address, what do I do? Search for it? Delete the post, or update it? With 416 posts on The Map Room (as of this one) over nearly two years, this could be a maintenance nightmare, especially further down the road. I think that what time I spend on this site should be focused on new links rather than checking up on all the old ones.