Question: Long Island Aerial Map?

(Questions are coming in fast and furious here at The Map Room; I’m afraid I’ll have to be selective. This little experiment is working far better than I had expected.)

Rocco Cammarota writes, “Can I get a map (aerial view) of the North Fork of Long Island to create a mural?”

I assume he’s looking for a physical map, and a large one at that, but I had a look around the web anyway.

I found a couple of sites dealing with aerial photographs of Long Island — this one and this one — but they’re taken from a “bird’s-eye” angle, which is probably not what Rocco had in mind. There’s also a page about the Fairchild Aerial Survey of the late 1920s and early 1930s. As for Long Island maps, SUNY Stony Brook’s library has a collection of links to maps of Long Island.

If a downward-looking, map-like view is what’s called for, then you’re looking at satellite imagery, for which there’s always Keyhole. Whether or not the images there can be blown up into murals, I can’t say.

Anything else?