Question: A Copy of the Erroneous PureCanada Map?

About a year and a half ago, there was a big stink in Canada over the first issue of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s magazine, PureCanada, which had an unacceptable number of errors and omissions (see this post from July 2003, plus others earlier that month).

Today, Caroline writes, “I just wanted to know where I can get a copy of the first edition map from PureCanada, the one where they leave out PEI and etc. Is there one available online for free possibly?”

Now I think I actually saw this map in December 2003, when I spent the holidays with my girlfriend’s parents. At the time a little voice in my head said, “Jon, you really ought to scan this.” And I should have; because, when I Google for it, I find lots of expired news links and some blog entries, but nothing where someone actually scanned in the map.

Short of finding a physical copy of PureCanada #1, I don’t think this map is available. But I could be wrong, so I’m posting this question: what do you think, is this map available anywhere? Or does one of you have a physical copy you could scan for us?