Fun with Flickr; Mappr

A little more about Flickr, which I wrote about in October (Flickr Users’ Map Photos). Some users tag their map pictures with “maps”, others with “map”; see them both here. You can get RSS and Atom feeds for either tag, but not for both at once — that would be asking too much, I think and here’s the feed for both tags (thanks, Simon).

There’s also a Cartography group on Flickr, in case you were a member and didn’t know about it. There it is; off you go.

I’m probably the last person in the universe to mention Mappr, which is a project that attempts to geolocate your Flickr photos based on the tags you assign them: photos tagged “los angeles”, for example, would be placed on the map in the appropriate spot. There are some ambiguous cases — all the Columbuses in the U.S. come to mind — and it’s pretty U.S.-centric at the moment, but it’s an interesting concept. Meant, they say, to hold us over until GPS coordinates are a standard part of a digital photo’s EXIF data and this can be done automatically and unambiguously.