Mapping the Weather to Health

I’ve seen pollen forecasts on weather channels, mapping allergens for allergy sufferers, and of course there are the golf and ski forecasts, but the British Weather Channel’s forecasts for aches and pains and seasonal affective disorder are new to me. From their explanation of the aches and pains map:

This forecast incorporates meteorological parameters that have been linked to the production of uncomfortable effects on the body. Areas with a high likelihood of precipitation, high relative humidity, brisk winds, and those likely to experience large changes in surface pressure are linked to the highest aches and pains index values.

These aren’t my father’s weather maps; these are maps that interpret the impact of weather on various activities and conditions. As though we need someone to lead us along the path from “It’s raining” to “Golfing’s going to suck today.” We never could have figured that out before. Via Here Be Dragons.