August 2004

APOD: The Earth at Night
Yesterday’s Astronomy Picture of the Day was a composite photograph of the Earth at night, replete with all the lights you’d expect. High-resolution versions also available. Via Slashdot….
Mapping the Weather to Health
I’ve seen pollen forecasts on weather channels, mapping allergens for allergy sufferers, and of course there are the golf and ski forecasts, but the British Weather Channel’s forecasts for aches and pains and seasonal affective disorder are new to me….
Map Readability
Making Maps Easy to Read is “a research project that set out to discover some of the factors that make maps easy to read and to use.” Relief, symbols and typography are some of the issues explored. The pages contain…
Mapping Middle-earth
Since The Map Room started at the end of March 2003, the about page has said, “from medieval Mappæ Mundi to satellite imagery, and from topo maps to Tolkien.” I’ve done posts on all of these subjects save one: I’ve…
British Historical Maps
Part of a site on medieval art and architecture at the University of Pittsburgh, this page of British maps features scans from a 1929 historical atlas. Warning: large file sizes. Via Plep….
London Tube Map Satellite Image
For you Tube map freaks: R. Gardiner has taken a geographically accurate map of the London Underground and superimposed it on a satellite image of the city. Very effective. Via Here Be Dragons….
Fool’s World Map; Hand-Painted Globes
And now for some fun at the expense of people who don’t know their geography. Fool’s World Map has been linked to all over the web — I saw it first on MetaFilter — and, as usual, I’m just about…
Osher Map Library Online Exhibitions
I’ve linked to the University of Southern Maine’s Osher Map Library before, but I somehow missed the page listing all their online exhibitions. Via MetaFilter. (See previous entries: The Cartographic Creation of New England, Henry Popple’s Map, Early Highway Maps.)…
Electoral Maps Made Proportional
I like electoral maps, and I like seeing the election results plotted out on a map so that it’s easy to see which regions voted which way. The problem with such maps, as many people have noticed, is that large,…
Route 66
Jonathan Jackel has a review on TidBITS of Route 66, which is, he says, the only route mapping software available for Mac OS X. (It’s also available in Windows, Pocket PC and mobile phone/Bluetooth versions.) It’s also GPS-compatible, though he…