May 2004

A Map of Your Internet
One more from inflight correction, whose author would like to see a map of what he calls “personal globalization”: Not what’s been imported around you, though that’s interesting, but what is your world via the internet? Mine covers the broad…
Subway Maps
The Subway Page has a simply monstrous list of links to maps of various subway, light rail and commuter rail systems around the world. Some official, some homemade, many of places less well known. If the London Underground can have…
Taiwan Railways, 1925-1947
Not that I can read a word on the page, but these maps of Taiwanese railways appear to date from 1925 to 1947 (via inflight correction)….
Jeff Patterson writes in to point to a map of the planet Mongo (187 KB JPEG). You pathetic earthling….
History of Maps
The History of Maps, a course reading from Geography 101 at California State University, Northridge (via muxway)….
Maps of Iceland
Antique Maps of Iceland: All antique maps of Iceland (older than 1900) that are in the collection of the National and University Library of Iceland have been converted to a digital format and are accessible here. The library does not…