Henry Popple’s Map

The second Osher Map Library link brought to us by Plep is to a reproduction of Henry Popple’s 1733 map of North America:

This web site presents a subset of Mark Babinski’s Henry Popple’s 1733 Map of The British Empire in North America (Garwood, NJ: Krinder Peak Publishing, 1998). Although only twenty copies of this book have been printed (ten of which have been donated to map libraries in the U.K. and the U.S. and the remaining ten have been reserved for sale by Mr. Babinski), Mr. Babinski’s research will be of great interest to a wide array of historians and map afficionados and deserves wider distribution. The Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education of the University of Southern Maine has accordingly collaborated with him to prepare this web site. Unfortunately, copyright issues prevent us from reproducing the 246 images in the original work. (These are of various states of Popple’s twenty-sheet map, of the key maps, and of many related maps and documents.) We are able, however, to provide a complete set of images of its copy of state 7 of Popple’s map and of state 1 of the key map (Smith Collection, S-192).