April 2004

Ryongchong Explosion
Satellite images of Ryongchong, North Korea, before and after the explosion (via MetaFilter)….
Mapping Toolbox 2
Mapping Toolbox 2, which, according to its publisher, “provides a comprehensive set of functions and graphical user interfaces for building map displays and performing geospatial data analysis in MATLAB,” was released this week (via MacNN). (I keep track of software…
Lehigh Valley Railroad
Also via Things Magazine, a scan of an 1870 system map (large JPEG) of the Lehigh Valley Railroad, from a site that archives timetables of New Jersey railroads….
More Road Maps
More scans of old maps — the covers only, alas — at a site that looks like it was just getting started — back in 1998 — and stayed there (via Things Magazine)….
Early Highway Maps
I’m a sucker for road maps, so I think I’ve saved the best of Plep’s three links to various Osher Map Library pages for last: an exhibition of early highway maps, called Road Maps: The American Way, that took place…
Henry Popple’s Map
The second Osher Map Library link brought to us by Plep is to a reproduction of Henry Popple’s 1733 map of North America: This web site presents a subset of Mark Babinski’s Henry Popple’s 1733 Map of The British Empire…
The Cartographic Creation of New England
Another exhibition that took place years ago but which still has a web presence: The Cartographic Creation of New England. With lots of images of early maps (the collection includes immediate post-discovery woodcuts from the late fifteenth century, and carries…
Translated Tube Map
Here’s another subway map, sort of. Every day, more and more people are having graphical fun with a map of the London Underground. Ralf links to one where the names have been “translated” into German. I am told by German-speaking…
Paris Metro, 1937
Though there have certainly been changes, the remarkable thing about this 1937 map of the Paris metro is that it shows how much of the current network was already in place by then (via Kottke; see previous entry: Paris Metro)….
Geist Gallery Details
The folks from Geist have e-mailed details on their Geist Gallery exhibition of maps from the magazine’s Caught Mapping series. The exhibition will take place at the Geist Gallery — “home of the Stupid School” — at 1054A Gerrard Street…
MAPublisher 6.0
MAPublisher 6.0 was announced today. It’s a collection of Adobe Illustrator plug-ins that allow you to import GIS data into that software. Manipulating proper data with a proper graphics program, apparently. (via MacCentral)…
Mappæ Mundi
Despite the fact that the tagline in my about page mentions mappæ mundi, I’ve yet to mention them in this blog. Links are (of course) welcome. I’ll get things started with the Wikipedia entry and a bibliography of mappæ mundi…
Tracking Mountain Lions with GPS
Radio-tracking wild animals for conservation purposes is not new, but using GPS collars — at $5,000 apiece — to track the movements of mountain lions is not something I’ve heard of before (via Gizmodo)….
Virtual Moon Atlas
Virtual Moon Atlas is free lunar atlas software for Windows; certain functions appear to require OpenGL support (via the Astronomy tribe)….